10 reasons companies hire veterans

For its 2012 Employing America’s Veterans: Perspectives from Businesses study, the Center for a New American Security conducted 87 interviews representing 69 companies and uncovered the following 10 reasons why firms hire veterans:

  1. Leadership and teamwork skills. Veterans typically have led colleagues, accepted direction from others, and operated as part of a small team.
  2. Character. Veterans are perceived as being trustworthy, dependable, drug-free, and having a strong work ethic.
  3. Structure and discipline. Companies, especially those that emphasize safety, appreciate veterans’ experience following established procedures.
  4. Expertise. Companies value veterans’ occupational skills, job-specific experiences, and understanding of the military community.
  5. Dynamic environment. Veterans are accustomed to performing and making decisions in dynamic and rapidly changing circumstances.
  6. Effectiveness. Interviewees report that veterans “get it done.”
  7. Proven success. Some organizations hire veterans largely because other veterans have already been successful in their organization. Veterans demonstrate that they share company values and fit the organizational culture.
  8. Resiliency. Veterans are accustomed to working in difficult environments, and to traveling and relocating.
  9. Loyalty. Veterans are committed to the organizations they work for, which can translate into longer tenure.
  10. Public relations value. Some companies have found marketing benefits to hiring veterans.
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