Feature Roundup: Data Download

Is Your Distributorship Drowning in Data? (Part III)


Is Your Distributorship Drowning in Data? (Part II)


I’ll See Your Tariff Increase…


Feature Spotlight: Gold-Star Customer Service

The customer. That one entity that is a distributorship's most important aspect and driving force. The reason you get up every day and do your job - to serve the…

Is Your Distributorship Drowning in Data? (Part I)


If your company is overwhelmed by data, it’s not alone. Here’s why your electrical distributorship is overwhelmed by data and how you can start using it to work smarter, better,…

7 Ways to Ramp Up Your Distributorship’s Recruiting Game


If your online application is too difficult to wade through, or if you’re not taking advantage of Google My Business™, then you’re missing out on some great new recruits. Here’s…

Copper Playing Wait and See After Recent Twist in Trade Talks


Reports out yesterday say China backtracked on commitments made during talks with the United States, prompting President Donald Trump to threaten to impose additional tariffs on Chinese goods slated to…

Feature Spotlight: People Skills

Managing your people is one of the most complex and intricate skills needed to keep a company running smoothly. From workplace culture to efficiency to where to find new team…

Finding Job Candidates in Unexpected Places, Part II


Ready to fill some of those seats at your company? You may want to try one or more of these alternative sources of employees in today’s tight labor market.

Finding Job Candidates in Unexpected Places, Part I


Tight labor market got you down? Here’s why you need to cast a wider net when recruiting workers for a wide range of positions—from entry-level to senior leadership.

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