How a Bad Website Can Drive Customers Away… For Good

It’s Still All About the Data


Copper Prices: Tariffs, Labor Negotiations and Electric Vehicles


Better Together: A Tale of Industry Sexism

Marketing Momentum: Smarter Marketing for Almost $0


3 easy lessons from brands you (probably) know.

Sharpening the Axe: Ramping Up Your Sales Team’s Technical [...]


It’s not enough to show up at your customer’s doorstep with a box of fresh bagels and a smile anymore; customers expect good advice, expertise, and technical acumen. Here’s how…

Copper Report: Mine Your Business


Copper prices slid Monday as investors keep an eye on labor talks at copper mines in Chile and India.

Marketing Momentum: Do Your Customers Need a Nudge?


How behavioral economics can help marketing.

Developing a Winning Corporate Culture, Part III


How to manage your managers and cultivate younger workers in a way that keeps them engaged, happy, and productive.

Developing a Winning Corporate Culture, Part II


Why your electrical distributorship needs leaders and employees who are willing to go out on a limb, take a chance, and even play with fire once in a while.

Copper Report: Dollars and Sense


Copper prices rose on Monday, fueled by a weaker dollar and wage talks at the world’s largest copper mine.

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