Recruiting and Retention Series: Making the Transition

10 Ways Distributors Can Create a Flexible Work Environment

A Chilly Outlook for China Causes Copper Prices to Shiver

Boosting Your Distributor’s Value-Added Proposition, [...]

Boosting Your Distributor’s Value-Added Proposition, Part I

By Bridget McCrea Going the extra mile for customers is a no-brainer in this competitive distribution landscape, but when everyone else is battling it out on price alone, how can…

Copper Prices Drive Higher

By Jim Williams The price of copper steered higher to start the week thanks, in part, to the electric car. The red metal drove higher to start the week after…

Marketing Momentum: What B2B Can Learn From B2C

By Katrina Olson Granted, there's a big difference between deodorant and switches. But are the customers really that different? The same person/contractor who's buying Old Spice is buying your products.…

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

By Susan Bloom Industry expert Justin King believes that distributors should be “terrified” following the recent launch of Amazon Business Prime.  Here's why and how he suggests they compete with…

Copper – Instant Gratification Will Have to Wait

By Jim Williams Copper looks to rebound this week after its first 'bad' week in over a month. The red metal finished last week down 1.81%, the first weekly fall…

1,000 Features

  It's hard for us at tED magazine to wrap our heads around the fact that we have now provided you with 1,000 exclusive feature stories on First of…

Recruiting and Retention Series: Using Employee Stock Owner [...]

This tED 30-Under-35 winner enjoys the benefits of working for a distributorship where employees have a stake in the company.

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