100 Pieces Of Industry Advice: Our Next #tEDchat

By Scott Costa, Publisher, tED magazine

I am offering you an unsolicited piece of advice: The March issue of tED magazine has a story called “100 Pieces of Industry Advice” and you should read it because I am sure there is something in there for you.

Whether it is from Daniel Dungan of Springfield Electrical Supply, Kathy Mazzarella of Graybar, current NAED Chairwoman Sandy Rosecrans of City Electric Company, 2013 30 Under 35 Mohammad Aminlari, or Werner Electric President Ben Granley, I can tell you that somewhere in those 100 pieces of advice is something that you can learn from, build on and use for the rest of your career.

But that can’t be all there is to it.  If all it took was 100 pieces of advice, we would have figured out this whole world of electrical distribution decades ago.  It’s not about the advice.  It’s about what you do with the advice.  And it’s about the thousands of other pieces of advice that are still out there that we can all learn about.

So, tED magazine is expanding on the “100 Pieces of Industry Advice” on Monday, March 10th.  At 1pm Central time, we are going to talk to all of you and get your feedback on this.  We have made this our #tEDchat topic for March.  You don’t need to worry, we are not going to make you sit through all 100 pieces of advice.  The #tEDchat will only last an hour.  But I hope you will join us to give us your input on the conversation, offer up your own thoughts, and pass along what we “talked” about to your co-workers.

All you have to do is long onto at 1pm, and every time you contribute to the conversation, make sure you include the hashtag #tEDchat.  The rest is easy.  We have already introduced some great members of NAED to our previous #tEDchats, and I definitely think you can learn something in an hour that will be well-spent.


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