2011 global sales for Sonepar roughly $19.5 billion

Sonepar, based in France, is a privately owned company and is believed to be the largest industrial distributor and the largest electrical distributor in the world. The company released a limited amount of information on its calendar 2011 sales.

Graphic above From www.sonepar.com.

Sonepar said “autonomous” growth, which would translate into “organic” growth in U.S. corporate parlance, was 8% in 2011. Actual growth, including acquisitions, as expressed in euros, was 9.7%.

Sales were given as 14.7 billion euros. At current exchange rates—about $1.33 per dollar—that’s $19.55 billion.

The company’s short summary also noted acquisitions in Canada, China and several European countries. Sonepar also mentioned two acquisitions in California—Independent Supply and OneSource Distributors.

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