2015 Waterman Cup Ends in a Draw

2015 Waterman Cup Ends in a Draw

By Brian Peters, NAED

This year’s 5th Annual Waterman Cup was contested on Wednesday, August 19th in Milton Ontario, Canada at Rattlesnake Point Golf Club. Team Canada comprised of Bruno Ardito, Michael Genjaga, Stephen Kleynhans and Andre Leblanc. Team USA was comprised of industry veterans Terry MacDonald, Butch Mistretta, Kelly Vliet (Team Captain) and Ray Womack. 

After a muggy and foggy start to the morning, and a very “heated” yet friendly match out on the course, this year’s Waterman Cup North American Challenge Cup resulted in a “tie”.  The final 3-3 score will make next year’s Waterman Cup Challenge even more coveted!    

According to Brian Power (Electro-Fed Golf Committee), “It’s great to see the growth in popularity of this event over the past five years, and that is a direct result of industry participation and the strong FRIENDLY competitive nature of the Waterman Cup Challenge.”

Womack states, “The Waterman Cup Challenge is a great way to further enhance our relationship between NAED and Electro-Federation Canada.”

Kleynhans states, “What fantastic camaraderie, and what a fitting way for the matches to end this year. That’s what sports and friendship is all about!”


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