2016 Economic Forecast Shows Potential For Growth

2016 Economic Forecast Shows Potential For Growth

The 2016 tED magazine Economic Forecast for 2016 is out, and while it shows some positive signs of growth for the next 12 months, it also comes with more than just a few variables that can throw off expectations.  You can read the entire report, the cover story for the January issue of tED magazine, beginning on page 62.

The cover story for the January 2016 issue of tED magazine shows some of the key indicators, like the Architectural Billing Index, housing starts, and industrial production all appear strong in 2016.  That means we can expect continued growth in the economy.

But, there are still some outside forces that could result in a slowdown.  Those forces include an expected interest rate hike, the price of commodities like oil, gas and copper, and the international economy, which continues to struggle.  Any of those forces can lead to minor to significant changes in the forecast for 2016.

Our panel of experts for the 2016 tED magazine Economic Roundtable also discussed the impact of the Chinese market and European economic trends, overstocked inventory for manufacturers, merger and acquisition activity, and how each region of the country looks economically over the next 12 months.  The experts also discuss the impact of the presidential election on economic trends.

The panel believes we will see less multi-family and more institutional construction in the coming year.  Also, the labor shortage could have an impact and push up wages.  The experts did agree that they expect to see a good – but not a great – economic year in 2016.


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