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2020 30 Under 35 Profile: Andrew Ondik

Andrew Ondik, 33
Manager, Lighting Category
Steiner Electric

Andrew Ondik is a nine-year veteran of the electrical industry, but it wasn’t where he started. “Out of college I took a sales job outside of the electrical industry,” recalled Andrew. “I did that for about two years—but I didn’t love what I was doing.”

Andrew credits his father, who has been in the electrical industry for more than 35 years, for introducing him to it.  “He and I and I spoke about the industry, and the positives that come with it,” said Andrew. “I thought it would be a great opportunity as a younger professional to join the industry and continue to grow within it.”

Today, Andrew has been with Steiner Electric for just over five years.  “I started with Steiner as an outside sales account manager,” said Andrew. After about two years he was promoted to the role of industrial lighting business development manager; in June 2020, he was promoted into his current role as lighting category manager. “These different roles have really helped me learn and work with different people within Steiner, and understand how many processes work,” said Andrew.

When asked what challenges he sees for the industry, Andrew pointed to e-commerce, but noted that it presents both a problem and an opportunity to be better. “For example, Amazon and other big box retailers that can offer shipping same or next day has really changed the way customers expect product,” said Andrew. “In response we’ve worked hard on our logistics in terms of deliveries, so that we can get product to customers next day, and even hit specific windows of time. It’s becoming a necessity, otherwise customers might not even consider buying from you anymore.”

Andrew believes that the key to personal growth is to beas well rounded as possible. “In my new role, I’m exposed to a lot of new pieces of distribution, which has been a great learning experience,” he said. “I’d really like to continue to take on larger, higher level roles within Steiner, and I think that the more aspects of the business I understand, the better equipped I will be to handle those roles down the road.”

To a newcomer to the industry, Andrew offers this advice: “This is a fantastic industry, full of a lot of great people.  I wouldn’t consider it a ‘sexy’ industry that appeals to all young people, like working at a Facebook or Google…but if you want to work with a lot of great people, work hard, and make a very nice living, this is a great industry to be a part of.”

Outside of work Andrew keeps busy with his wife and two young daughters—a two-year-old and a two-month-old—and enjoys sports and working out. “I’ve been involved with basketball since I could walk, so my Dad and I are starting a basketball shooting academy for young hoopers in the community,” he noted. “I was lucky to have great coaches and teachers growing up, and I’m looking forward to passing that along to other young kids.”


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