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2020 30 Under 35 Profile: Steve Milauskas

Steve Milauskas, 35
Louisville Winlectric/Winsupply

Before joining Winsupply, Steve spent a decade in the active US Army, serving as a Ranger and leaving as a captain. He joined Winsupply in 2015, in the MIT program—manager in training—and earned a role as a president of Louisville Winlectric in the fall of the same year.

“While in the MIT program, I trained in heating and air and plumbing, but I always had an interest in the electrical distribution world,” said Steve. “I found it fascinating because every job is different, and you almost have to design the job each time. I really enjoy learning about electrical and lighting distribution in-depth—more than just a part number, but how it works and why it works. I continue to enjoy it because every day is different, and no job takeoff is the same.”

Steve noted that finding people who want to make a career in electrical distribution seems to be a systemic problem. “I pay higher than industry average wages and give people the opportunity to earn that income,” he said, when asked how he is helping to solve the problem. “I’ve had a few failures, but overall, many successes. I’ve hired dozens of people that were literally living in their parents’ basements, and now have a career, make a good living, and own a car and a house. Giving my employees the ability for financial freedom, not based on a pedigree, gives me great pride.”

As for the future, Steve said he looks forward “to more automation in the operational process and growing our sales management roles.” And when asked what he would tell someone just entering the industry, he replied: “Work for a distributorship that has profit-sharing—that’s No. 1. No. 2 is work for a place that allows you to advance quickly—and be willing to put in the extra effort to learn.”

When not working, Steve can be found spending time with his two young children—both under the age of four—and his wife. “We enjoy traveling across the United States and abroad, along with hiking and camping,” he said, adding that gardening is another hobby he enjoys. “It’s something I do most evenings and weekends to decompress from the work day/week.”


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    Terry Okamoto January 25, 2021 / 11:36 am

    What a great article! So glad Steve is on our side – Thank you for your service, Steve!

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