2020 Upper Midwest Electrical EXPO Postponed

2020 Upper Midwest Electrical EXPO Postponed

Below is a letter from Upper Midwest Electrical EXPO Manager Dale Yohnke:

With authorities taking unprecedented measures to curb COVID-19, we are trying to conduct as much business as we possibly can with limited resource availability. You too are experiencing uncertainty and taking measures to keep your employees safe and healthy. This is the most important task at this moment. We do however have news about the 2020 Upper Midwest Electrical EXPO:

  1. The April 15-16, 2020 Upper Midwest Electrical EXPO in Minneapolis will not happen next month. Please adjust your planning, booth shipments, buses, lodging reservations, and other travel commitments as you see fit.
  2. We are in ongoing discussions and negotiations with the appropriate EXPO vendors and facilities, seeking options to reschedule the EXPO. This step will take a few days or possibly weeks as there are countless details that need to be addressed with a change of this magnitude.
  3. Refunds/credits for booth space, training fees, breakfast tickets and sponsorships will be addressed once a clear plan has been communicated.
  4. We are monitoring current news and events as they impact our ability to gain options with a government-controlled facility. Many people in the hospitality industry are being furloughed and it is increasingly difficult to reschedule an event of this size.
  5. Your health and safety will always be our first concern. Please visit the CDC’s COVID-19 website for helpful information. We encourage everyone to take actions appropriate for your company based on current news and developments.

This is the information that we can convey at this moment.  We will communicate any new developments regarding the 2020 EXPO as we gain clarity. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this uncharted territory – all while protecting the interests of all stakeholders.


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