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2021 30 Under 35 Profile: Kaitlynn Berry

Kaitlynn Berry, 25
Channel Sales Engineer

Kaitlynn’s career with Siemens began as a college intern in 2017 in Denver.

“My journey to the industry is a bit non-traditional,” Kaitlynn noted. “In college, I was part of an organization called the Diverse Student Association. The organization advisor sent out an opportunity to apply for company sponsorship to attend the 2016 NAED Women in Industry Forum.” As a business major, Kaitlynn admitted that she wasn’t so sure this opportunity would be for her, or that she would be selected to attend since most other majors offered to attend were engineering related. “However, I applied for the chance to meet women in this industry I had never really heard of or knew much about, and out of the 60-plus collegiate women that applied across the country, I was selected as one of 10 women to attend,” she said.

Kaitlynn spent time at the Forum networking with the women in attendance and made a connection with a woman from Siemens. “After the Forum was over, she offered me the opportunity to intern at Siemens the following summer, and I was happy to take it,” said Kaitlynn. “As an intern, I was immersed into the electrical industry and found a passion for distribution that grows each day. I am drawn to the opportunity to do something different every day in my role, be challenged by the constant changes in the industry, and have the chance to help make a difference in my distributors’ lives by adding value.”

Asked about a challenge the industry is currently facing, Kaitlynn pointed to finding ways to connect with the newer generations of people entering the industry. “There is an obvious labor shortage in the industry and fewer and fewer people entering trades, and one of the things I am proud to be a part of in my position is working with electrical apprentices and trade school/community college students,” she said. “I work with our marketing team to visit local trade schools/community colleges and contractors with apprentices, and we train them on Siemens’s products with our VR tools. The younger generations are very eager to take this opportunity to ‘touch/feel’ electrical products in a safe environment with a VR headset on and get comfortable learning about the intricacies of electrical products. Using the VR headset as a means of training is a great way to get in front of these young people and train them on installing common products in our field safely.”

Kaitlynn’s career goals include growing within Siemens. “I do not have a specific role in mind, but I would like to continue expanding my knowledge in the industry and within Siemens,” she said. “There are so many different facets of Siemens that are potential career opportunities for me to move into, so I would like to continue learning about those and find a way to channel my passion of working with people and helping solve problems.”

In addition to being open to new opportunities, Kaitlynn believes the key to her future growth in the industry is “keeping the flame ignited for my passion to learn. Our industry will continue to grow and expand, and the more open and eager I am to learning about those changes, the better off I will be.”

What would Kaitlynn tell someone just entering the industry? “I would say ‘Be a sponge—soak up as much information from as many people as you can. Ask questions. Be eager to learn,” she said, adding “And don’t be hindered by the fact that it is male-dominated—women can be and are successful in our industry.’ Also, I would say that it takes time to grasp the industry in general. There are a lot of layers to the industry, and you will be learning every day if you are open to it.”

Outside of work Kaitlynn enjoys spending time with friends and family, her two rescue dogs, and working out. “As a true gym rat, you can find me in the gym most days of the week,” she said. “I love traditional lifting, but also enjoy yoga and CrossFit from time to time. And when it’s nice outside, my dogs and I love exploring new trails/parks and soaking up some nature.”

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