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2022 Best of the Best Winners: Integrated Promotional Campaign

Recognizing Marketing’s Finest

Here we present all of this year’s winning submissions, highlighting a different category each week.


Distributor $101M to $400M
NorthEast Electrical
ChargePoint Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

To position itself as the go-to company for EV charging stations throughout New England, NorthEast established a national agreement with ChargePoint and began stocking its product in 2020. In May 2021, NorthEast stepped up its aggressiveness and commitment and brought product into stock and, in June 2021, executed a digital campaign to promote the offering. The campaign included a landing page featuring products, spec sheets, videos, digital flyers, contact information, and a Formstack for more information. The products were promoted externally via email, a website, social media, TriggerPoint Media, flyers, and at events and internally through weekly emails, text messages, SharePoint, flyers, and training and webinars.

FROM THE JUDGES: “This was a very comprehensive, all-out effort to become New England’s ‘go-to’ distributor for EV charging stations. Well executed—with sales data that proves it!”


Distributor $101M to $700M
Summit Electric Supply
Service Center Opening

In November 2021, Summit Electric Supply opened two new service centers—one in Richardson, Texas, and one in Glendale, Ariz.—within eight days of each other. To communicate to existing in-market customers that another Summit location is open, tell prospective in-market electricians that Summit is coming to their town, generate awareness and frequency so that Summit remains in customers’ initial consideration set when choosing where to buy their electrical supplies, drive foot traffic to each location, and give customers a reason to keep coming back, Summit initiated a integrated campaign that included a series of three postcards; animated, co-branded banner ads on ESPN.com, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN’s Fantasy Football app; social media posts; emails; and press releases. Additionally, the summer and fall editions of Summit’s internal newsletter ensured the entire organization knew about the new service centers and their role in making them a success.

FROM THE JUDGES: “A excellent, customer-centric effort. I love the graphics that feature real employees. I feel like this is a company I’d want to do business with.”


Distributor More Than $700M
Sonepar USA
Pros Need Pros

The rollout of Sonepar’s “Pros Need Pros” national campaign focused on highlighting the company’s ability to provide the best possible services, solutions, products, and expertise to electrical contractors across the country. It included an internal awareness campaign, a Prosneedpros.com landing page, branded services and solutions pages on operating company sites, customer and internal email marketing campaigns, YouTube ads (six- and 15-second spots), a 30-second video for use on social media and the website, targeted geofencing advertising, social media promotion, trade show branding, a print and digital campaign, a cross-functional collaborative committee to consult on messaging and execution, and a monthly report-out of KPIs to leadership.

FROM THE JUDGES: “Smart targeting of small and medium size contractors. I like that subsidiaries are able to easily customize /brand it for themselves.”


Supplier More Than $250M
Regional Distribution Center

With four regional distribution centers (RDCs) located across the United States, the Atkore marketing team developed a campaign focused on increasing awareness of the RDC locations and capabilities. Deliverables developed include an RDC long-form video, social video spots, an email marketing campaign, social media posts, digital banners, a print ad, a website landing page, and flyers.

FROM THE JUDGES: “I like the capabilities listed in the materials, and the videos are really well done: good information, good length. ‘One order. One Delivery. One Invoice.’ is brilliant. The whole campaign is very bottom-line oriented.”


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