ABB Nominated For Hermes Award, YuMi Robot

ABB Nominated For Hermes Award, YuMi Robot

Hannover, Germany – Four decades ago, ABB introduced the first microprocessor-controlled robot to the world. Today, ABB is again shifting the paradigm with YuMi, the world’s first truly collaborative dual-arm industrial robot.

ABB has been nominated for the Hermes Award at Hannover Messe. The Hermes Award expedites the process of turning new ideas into market-ready products and processes. The coveted prize, which carries an attractive PR prize package worth around € 100,000, is given in recognition of outstanding innovations being unveiled at Hannover Messe 2015 for the first time. ABB is one of five nominees.

ABB’s nominated product is YuMi, a dual-arm collaborative assembly robot. With seven degrees of freedom in each arm, YuMi is able to manipulate and assemble small parts with great accuracy and adapts easily to human-centric work areas. It also features lightweight design, soft, padded arms and a collision warning system so that it can safely work alongside humans without the need for any protective cages or barriers. YuMi was designed for a range of small-parts assembly tasks in the electronics industry and is therefore highly versatile.

YuMi’s unveiling at the Hannover Messe heralds a new era of robotic coworkers capable of working collaboratively with humans while ensuring their safety. YuMi’s arrival will fundamentally expand the types of industrial processes that can be automated to encompass small-parts assembly that is prevalent in the electronics industry.

YuMi makes collaboration between humans and robots a reality. A new era of robotic coworkers has arrived.


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