Acuity Unveils IoT Brand

Acuity Unveils IoT Brand

ATLANTA—Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) today unveiled its new Atrius(TM) brand, encompassing the company’s portfolio of Internet of Things (IoT) business solutions and Atrius software platform. Through Atrius, Acuity Brands will continue to provide and expand its comprehensive set of IoT business solutions, leveraging intelligent luminaires, lighting and building management controls, software platform services and solution development tools.  

Atrius solutions deliver connectivity and intelligence to a space via an expansive network of smart LED lighting and controls and a software platform that gathers, unlocks and transforms raw data to enable a broad range of software solutions addressing critical business challenges. Atrius solutions have been already deployed across more than 50 million square feet of indoor spaces, leveraging more than a million sensors. Additionally, an installed base of Acuity Brands networked lighting systems, encompassing more than one billion square feet, can now be upgraded to a more multifunctional Atrius sensory network that can supply IoT data to the Atrius platform.

The Atrius software platform is a robust, scalable and secure platform that enables an array of capabilities, including indoor positioning, asset tracking, space utilization, spatial analytics and energy management.

Atrius offers building owners and business managers endless possibilities to enhance the utilization of their space through empowering better human interaction and greater asset and employee productivity. For example, Atrius business solutions can help employees to find an available meeting room, empower travelers to navigate busy airports, guide shoppers to a specific product on a store shelf or permit a retailer to receive an alert that a customer needs sales assistance.

“Lights are installed throughout most of our indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition, lights are powered and connected, and with the emergence of LED lighting, they now feature onboard intelligence,” said Greg Carter, Vice President and General Manager of Atrius. “That’s why we believe LED lighting is the best and least expensive infrastructure for delivering a sensory network that feeds IoT platforms to connect systems, spaces and people. With our full-suite of IoT solutions, now consolidated under the Atrius brand, Acuity Brands has moved well beyond the ‘proof of concept’ stage to deploying full-scale IoT capabilities and solutions.”


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