Amazon Strengthens Its Delivery Capability

Amazon Strengthens Its Delivery Capability

The next time you are driving down the highway, don’t be surprised if you see a brand new Amazon truck. The Wall Street Journal is reporting the online giant just bought thousands of new semi trucks to deliver packages and to spread the word that the online giant is still growing.

The Wall Street Journal story says the entire fleet of trucks might also be Amazon’s attempt to compete with other delivery services, like FedEx, DHL and UPS. That project already has four commercial airplanes to move items faster. Amazon says it will still be using those shipping services for the time being.

Amazon isn’t saying much about the fleet of trucks, other than they will be used across the country to deliver packages and as marketing tools for the company. According to CNN, the first Amazon trucks carried care packages to U.S. soldiers stationed overseas. The deliver reportedly included Amazon Fire tablets.

Mike Roth, an Amazon VP, told CNN he “couldn’t be more pleased” that the “very first Amazon trailer headed out on the road” was being used to spread holiday cheer to the troops.

Nearly two years ago, Amazon tried using its own delivery trucks in San Francisco. And, last year it tried using trucks owned and operated by the Chicago Tribune newspaper to deliver packages.



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