Anixter’s Q4: ‘Organic’ sales up 5%

An 8% Q4 increase (5% growth in same-store or “organic” sales) produced $1.5 billion gross sales at Anixter, leading to a $6.15 billion full-year total. That’s up 17% over 2010, including organic gains, copper-driven gains, and increases from acquisitions.

In Q4, according to Robert Eck, president and CEO, “the OEM Supply business delivered the highest sales growth rate with 16% improvement year-on-year. Our two cabling businesses experienced a lower growth rate due to both a challenging comparison to the prior year period and a slowdown in billings due to project delays.”

Above: Anixter’s sales breakdown, from a previously distributed “investor fact sheet” available on the company’s website.

Anixter’s sales by year for the past seven years:

2011 – $6.15 billion

2010 – $5.47 billion

2009 – $4.98 billion

2008 – $6.14 billion

2007 – $5.85 billion

2006 – $4.94 billion

2005 – $3.85 billion

This makes 2011 the best year ever for sales at Anixter. Sales growth from 2005 to 2011 is 59.7%. For comparison purposes, here are 2005-2011 sales increases for two distribution companies who have recently provided last year’s sales:

WESCO – from $3.8 billion to $6.1 billion, a gain of 59.9%

Grainger –from $5.5 billion to $8.1 billion, a gain of 46.2%

The full-year 2010 and full-year 2011 gross margin numbers from the company’s income statements are as follows:

2010 – 22.895%

2011 – 22.896%

Eck said, “We expect our future growth to be fueled by adding new products and technologies to our portfolio; developing an end market presence in Electrical Wire & Cable and OEM Supply in countries where our current presence is large but limited primarily to the Enterprise Cabling and Security Solutions end market; and selectively expanding our geographic presence.”

Anixter’s self-description at the end of its financial news release says the company has “more than 450,000 products and over $1 billion in inventory” with “255 warehouses with 7 million square-feet” and operates in “over 260 cities in more than 50 countries.”

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