Arlington Ends Cancellation of Backorders

Arlington Industries instituted two policies during the peak of the pandemic in May of 2021 that were designed to address supply and labor challenges experienced at that time.

In an update, the company issued the following release earlier this month:

During the peak of the pandemic back in May of 2021, Arlington instituted two policies that were designed to address the challenges that we were experiencing at that time in finding enough raw materials and the labor required to make our labor saving and patented products–with greater than 85% of them Made-in-the-USA.

So, we reluctantly implemented a dollar allocation for each Arlington Distributor and while we honored all backorders taken up until that point, and we did so at the price at which we took your original order, we also saw that we would not be able to accept future backorders until further notice. These measures were hard for both of us, but our service levels did improve during the balance of 2021, and thus far in 2022.

Consequently, in consultation with our Distributors and Rep Principals, and upon reviewing some positive trends in the market that show improvement in our order fill rates, lead times, reps warehouse stock levels and access to both raw materials and labor, we are pleased to share the following exciting news with you:

At the start of the New Year of 2023, Arlington will be eliminating both of these policies—the sales allocation by distributor and the cancellation of backorders will come to an end at the close of business on Thursday, December 29th—the last day that we are open in 2022. We will then return to our usual practice of accepting your full orders and honoring backorders effective on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023.

Thank you for your business over these challenging times and for your continued support of Arlington!

Don Ambrose – National Sales Manager

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