August Brings New Innovation Opportunity

New research continues to tell a story about a need for change in distribution.  Dirk Beveridge of UnleashWD is reporting 72% of distributors believe the pace of change is too slow for them, and 85% believe they need to re-invent their business before someone else does it.  But, where do you start your business change strategy, and how will you know it’s successful?

Beveridge is offering a month-long, free online workshop to not only help you get started, but also to help you maintain the changes you need to make.  Every Thursday in August, Dirk will reveal unique insights in the innovation secrets of some of the most brilliant leaders from within innovation and beyond.  The live webinars each Thursday are just a start, as Beveridge will also provide supporting articles, podcasts, and case studies, which are all also free.

The first week starts with a look at how you need to avoid getting lost in the every day changes that are occurring and the four questions you need to answer to craft the vision for the future of your distributorship.  There will be a special podcast on the topic on Monday, followed by a supporting article on Wednesday, the live webinar on Thursday, and the bonus case study on Friday.  You can get all of this information every week, because when you register you can go back and check out anything you missed.

To register for the “5 Weeks of Innovation,” go to www.5weeksofinnovation.com.  It’s a very simple process that takes less than a minute to do.


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