August #tEDchat To Be Held At NAED’s AdVenture Conference

August #tEDchat To Be Held At NAED’s AdVenture Conference

We are trying something a little different for the August #tEDchat, but one thing stays the same. You are definitely invited to take part.

We usually hold our #tEDchat on the second Wednesday of every month at 1pm Central time.  And, to be honest, we usually pile into our training room, grab a bag of Peanut M&M’s and a Diet Coke, and start chatting. For the August #tEDchat, we are doing something different.

First, we are moving the #tEDchat from Wednesday to Tuesday this month. It will be held on Tuesday, August 11th. And instead of holding it at 1pm Central time, we are moving it one hour up to hold it at noon Central time. The training room is being replaced by the AdVenture Conference, which will be going on in Chicago next week. This will be our first “live from” an event for a #tEDchat, but we believe it will be a worthwhile experience as we engage you from home and the attendees at the conference in a chat about all things related to marketing.

Our #tEDchat topic is “All Things Marketing”. We are going to talk about what we have learned so far at the AdVenture Conference with some of our speakers, roundtable discussions, panel discussion with contractors and how they want to see the marketing aimed at them and the tED magazine “Best of the Best Awards”. This is a great opportunity to tune up your marketing strategy and share some of the insights from the NAED AdVenture Conference.

Again, new date:  Tuesday, August 11
New time:  Noon Central
New location:  Chicago, as we are “Live From” the site of the NAED AdVenture Conference

Make sure you put this on your calendars and join us at And every time you send a tweet, make sure you are using the #tEDchat so everyone else who is participating can see it.


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