Blog #1: 2013 LEAD Conference

Blog #1:  2013 LEAD Conference

 Here are some of the random thoughts as we are about to get started with the peer networking group at 3pm central time at the LEAD conference.

 Chicago is an amazing city.  Went to a restaurant at 1:45pm to get lunch, and it was packed.  This might not be the city that never sleeps, but it certainly loves the way it eats.  And in case you were wondering, it was Portillo’s.  Real, authentic Italian beef sandwich.  Cheese Fries.  Chocolate Cake Shake (it’s impossible to describe, but it’s really good).

 The 30 Under 35 are checking in.  For those of you around my age, they are getting younger and younger every year.  Very impressed with the way they conduct themselves around others in the industry.  It appears there is a reason why they won this award.

 They are pretty fitness conscious.  Caught a conversation about some kind of a workout that included rowing, running, and something else. They did most of it outside.  The heat index here in Chicago this afternoon is 106.  Dedication!

 The Hyatt Regency is an amazing hotel in a great location.  Grant Park/museums to the left, Michigan Avenue shopping to the right.  And the lake right behind us.  Could be a future vacation spot.

 More on how the peer networking group went later.


— Scott Costa 

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