Blog #10: AdVenture Conference — New Product Launch Discussion

First up: What needs to be in the tool kit from manufacturers? Here is the list our room came up with for what they would like to see:

  • Hi resolution images of the product
  • Proper literature
  • Updated online catalog
  • Samples
  • Mobile presentation
  • Web assets
  • Timeframe for launch
  • SKUs, descriptions, pricing
  • Training
  • Marketing plan (including social media)
  • Merchandise display
  • Press release
  • Demos

The manufacturers and distributors have split up into separate groups and are now hashing out their expectations of each other in regards to a new product launch. Below, some of the expectations they had in common.

  • Proper training on the new products and promotions
  • Coordinated/simultaneous marketing efforts
  • Stock commitment/Availability of stock
  • Allocation of merchandising space/Promotional materials
  • Samples and product demos
  • Feedback on sales, metrics, and  performance

A great and lively discussion overall. A little razzing was had by both parties, but all in good fun. Everyone is headed to the cocktail hour, then straight to the Best of the Best awards, where we’ll find out who had the top marketing this year.


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