Blog #2: 2013 AdVenture Conference — Watts Wacker

This is a very full room.  It’s great to see almost everyone has registered before 8:30am on a Monday morning.  They are ready to go!

Watts Wacker’s goal for his speech:  change the way you think, and how that will apply to your communications and marketing.
Wacker, “Due to the systemic change of our economy and culture, we need to change the way we market, and prepare for a cultural transformation.”
The two goals of marketing:  What are your aspirations, and what are your perceptions.  
Product differentiation:  The better your idea, the faster it gets copied. It is your goal to make your products different and special to your audience.  What is your brand, and it needs to be your promise.  Your approach to marketing needs to be consistency.
Brands:  Brands have tribes, and those tribes have relationships with those brands.  You need to build social currency with those tribes.  So stop pushing your product, and pull your tribe closer together.
Time for a break.  More from Watts Wacker in the late morning session.
— Scott Costa
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