Blog #4: 2013 AdVenture Conference — Marketing With Zero Budget

John Parikhal is talking about real world marketing.

Here are the 3 biggest challenges to marketing departments today:

1. Budgets are low.

2. There is little time to plan.

3. You have to figure out your customer.

This is an environment that is real, and is a challenge to marketing people every day. The key to success is figure out your customer.  Ask them what they like more about your competition.While there are four steps to building your brand, the toughest one is “create and execute”.  Where is the focus? Test your creativity with others and monitor the reaction.  Then you can test it on your customers.  To execute, the big question is where do I spend my money?  Knowing there is not a lot of money available, you need to be smart with your spending.  Sometimes execution is trial and error. 

The key statement your customers should be saying, “I know that company cares about me because…”

The biggest key to success, according to Parikhal, is to devote 15 minutes a day to marketing.  Some days you spend the 15 minutes brainstorming about the customer.  Other days you talk about your brand.  Another day talk about what is happening or changing in the industry that you need to be aware of.  The fourth day look at the competition. What are they doing that is impressive.  The last day talk about everything else. It may seem little, but it may turn out to be huge.  In addition, once a week you should brainstorm one new idea.

Here are the 5 steps to good brainstorming meetings:

1. Have an agenda.

2. Someone must run the meeting.

3. Start and finish on time.

4. All tech is turned off.

5. Rate the meeting.

And now we are off to the Vendor Showcase.

–Scott Costa

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