Blog #6: AdVenture Conference — Terry Mangano

Terry Mangano has made sure this crowd is awake at 8:30 in the morning by grabbing their attention with some frank talk, and her refusal to use the podium.  She is going to walk around the room and speak directly to everyone.

Her first key point is marketers and advertisers have a huge amount of information that they want to get out to their customers.  But do you have a plan to bundle all of that information and make it work for you.
Every dollar marketers spend is a dollar that needs to bring in business.  If you can’t justify the spending, you can’t launch the campaign.
Your marketing planning cannot be quarter to quarter.  You need to start earlier instead of scrambling to get a new plan together at the beginning of each quarter.  Mangano suggests your marketing plan should be at least 6 months in advance.
Mangano is looking through a recent survey that says what distributors want from manufacturers is ease of use of co-op programs.  The problem is the survey also shows the distributors are not satisfied with the systems right now.  She points out to both distributors and manufacturers in the room that it needs to be fixed in order to move forward.
Mangano’s feedback for manufacturers includes clean up your retail environment. She says she has personally visited manufacturers to get ready for her speech today, and if it were a grocery store, she could not find anything she wanted.  Accelerate forward marketing planning. Help distributors find a way to measure their return on investment.
Mangano’s says successful promotional marketers: know how people read (left to right) and use strong words in headlines like “win”, “free” or “try”.
Know the 5 second rule.  If you don’t get the whole print ad after looking at it for 5 seconds, you didn’t get the message across.
Taking a break, but we are coming right back in to do an exercise where the people here will create an ad campaign.  That will be in blog #7.
— Scott Costa
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