Blog #7: AdVenture Conference — Terry Mangano’s Creative Brief Project

Terry Mangano has kicked off the second part of her presentation with a bang. 
Here is her frightening numbers alert!! 80% of distributors spend less than 1% on their marketing.  Hard to get the work out that way.

Mangano is saying before you can start a marketing plan, you should create a creative brief.  That is the blueprint for your campaign.
Here are the fatal flaws to the creative brief:
1. It does not align with brand.
2. Unclear brand communication.
3. Do what is best for the brand rather than what senior management wants.
4. Data dumping — provide directional information only.
5. Insufficient time to do it right.
6. Simple vs. complex.
The exercise has begun.  Table are getting their instructions.  They will have to create a brief on their advertising campaign, and then five people groups will present their results.
Here is the case:  This program is a stocking program for a distributor, with the intention of telling the customer that the items they need are always in stock.  In this exercise, the groups must define if this is print, web, or multi-media. Te must share insights based on target audience, and speak to the “What;s in it for me”.
The groups will have 45 minutes. Lots of loud discussions.  One group has taken an flip chart and is still writing down ideas with less than 10 minutes to go before they have to present its idea.  it is great to see people who didn’t know each other two days ago working on this project.  Some people moved outside to the couches so they can work in a different and separate environment. 
A lot of head nodding in acceptance of other’s ideas.
Other tables are starting to look a little tense as the deadline moves closer.  With 5 minutes remaining, it is interesting to see the tables that are done and smiling, vs. the tables that are working right up to the deadline.
As Terry Mangano says, “Let’s wrap it up,” the room goes silent.  Terry makes the flip chart group go first.  And Terry Mangano tells the flip chart group did an outstanding job.  Mangano describes their media plan as simple and easy to understand.  You can give that plan to a marketing group and they can execute it.
The bravest of the brave are presenting their mock plans, and all of them are wow-ing the crowd. 
And one group leader delivered his plan with added excited emphasis.  Terry Mangano loves it!  There are no winners or losers, but the information for the group is very valuable.
Time to break for lunch.  After that, we are talking about mobile app development and then the roundtable discussions.  And then at 4:30, the Best of the Best Awards begin.
–Scott Costa
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