Blog #9: AdVenture Conference – Social Media Discussion

Just in case you didn’t think social media is an important part of your strategy, of the 50 people in this room, all of them and their companies have some kind of social media account.

Most companies say they must go through an approval process before anything is posted.  For many companies, the approval process is long, but the content has a long shelf life. They also have employees with the responsibility of managing the social media accounts.
Many companies have their social media blocked, so their own employees cannot access it at work.  But they can still access it through mobile or tablet devices.
Many people get their news from social media.
Many are struggling with social media because they post something on Facebook, but they don’t get a lot of “Likes”.
Do you push products through social media, or do you push relationships?  Many would like to push relationships.
Negative social media is always a concern.  Many companies do not have a strategy to handle negative social media.  
Great strategy session about how to gain an audience and how to keep it.
—Scott Costa
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