Border States Endorses NEMRA POS Standards

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Border States has joined 43 manufacturers/brands, national chains, and other leading distributors in endorsing NEMRA’s POS Minimum Reporting Standards.

With over 100 locations in 22 states, Border States, the industry’s largest employee-owned distributor, provides POS information to many manufacturers. According to David White, president of Border States, “As a company we value people. We know that our manufacturer rep partners are critical to our success and believe that they should be compensated for their efforts, especially on behalf of helping us continue to serve our customers. Providing POS information to our manufacturer partners is the right thing to do. The NEMRA POS reporting standards gives us a consistent format to share this information and helps us connect manufacturers to customers.”

White commented, “While we’ve provided many of our suppliers with POS information over the years, the NEMRA initiative highlights the importance of sharing this information to ensure appropriate compensation. The standardized process will also bring some process efficiencies to this aspect of the business. We’ll start sharing information in the NEMRA format very shortly with the appropriate manufacturers.”

Ken Hooper, President of NEMRA, commented, “Border States has a history of industry leadership. While the company has aggressively grown across the country, they have remained committed to their employee-ownership mentality and to ensuring that they align with strong business partners. Sharing POS information so that reps are appropriately compensated further strengthens these bonds, ensuring support of their customers and suppliers.”

For more information on NEMRA’s POS initiative, to read the research and see which manufacturers and distributors have endorsed and adopted the standards, go to https://www.nemra.org/point-sale-initiative.

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