Brady Explains the Latest OSHA Safety Sign Standard

MILWAUKEE, Wis.Brady, a company that specializes in industrial and safety printing systems and solutions, has announced the launch of its educational resources on the latest OSHA safety sign standard. Under OSHA’s revised signage standards for general industry and construction, published November 6, 2013, organizations can now use either the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) standard from 1967-1968 (ANSI Z53.1, Z35.1 & Z35.2) or from 2011 (ANSI Z535.1, Z535.2 & Z535.5) for safety signage.

“By adding the Z535 signs to its existing regulations, OSHA has removed a barrier for facilities to begin using the newer signage. Facilities can now move to the latest ANSI design ­ or maintain old signage ­ without threat of penalty,” says Tom Smith, product marketing specialist for Brady.

“There are many benefits to aligning your workplace visuals with the newer Z535 sign criteria,” adds Smith. “By establishing clearer and more uniform signage throughout the U.S., the latest ANSI approach truly moves the industry forward when it comes to workplace safety. To stay informed on these changes and learn more about the benefits of the 2011 ANSI update, we have created a variety of educational materials to read and share throughout your facility.”

Brady encourages those impacted by the latest OSHA safety sign standards to review the new resources:
· 15-Minute Webinar ­ In-depth explanation of the ANSI Z535 safety signage standard, how it positively impacts facilities and how facilities can implement the new recommended format.
· ANSI Z535 Overview Video ­ Information and visuals on how the new standard is different from the previous standard and the benefits of upgrading safety signage.
· Information Sheet ­ Short, informative overview of OSHA’s recognition of the 2011 ANSI safety sign update that can be downloaded and shared.
· Facility Safety Signage Guide ­ Information on the 10 things to spot during a facility walk-through, including ANSI sign format, required signage, and explanations and examples.

ANSI’s 2011 safety signage standard incorporates up-to-date safety information, best practices and research data that the previous standard does not exhibit. The newer standard emphasizes more information on hazards and how employees should respond to them, as well as easily identifiable visuals to support the wording and accommodate the needs of an ever-increasing global and multicultural workforce.

For more information:
Visit to view educational resources on the OSHA safety sign update. For Brady’s complete product offering, visit In Canada, visit

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