Bridgeport Fittings Video Showcases its Made-in-the-USA Strategy

STRATFORD, Conn. – Nearly three-quarters of Bridgeport Fittings’ product volume is manufactured in the U.S.A. This statistic reflects Bridgeport’s commitment to keep its manufacturing base in Connecticut where it can continue to offer customers higher quality products, immediate, expert service, and faster to-market delivery.

Bridgeport’s domestic strategy also helps strengthen the Connecticut and U.S. economy by keeping jobs in America. The Stratford, Conn., manufacturer employs 200 workers.

Watch ‘Made-in-the-USA’:

Bridgeport differentiates itself from the competition
“With so many manufacturers outsourcing virtually all of their production overseas, a problem with quality and delivery eventually emerges,” noted Tom Auray Company Co-Owner and Bridgeport Executive Vice President. “This is not the way at Bridgeport. We believe our business can only be successful by keeping our manufacturing base here in the U.S. where we can offer customers superior products and services, while remaining price competitive through efficiencies and smart manufacturing. This differentiates us from the competition and is a source of great pride, which makes us even more committed to providing our customers with the greatest possible value.”

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