Bulbrite Introduces New Brand Position and Visual Identity

Bulbrite Introduces New Brand Position and Visual Identity

LIGHTOVATION: Dallas Int’l Lighting Show – Bulbrite unveils “turn life on”, a new brand position rooted in the company-wide belief that light is so essential and so fundamental, it impacts every moment of our lives.  Bulbrite’s goal is to enhance every well lit moment, whether it’s the light that creates an ambiance at dinner, brightens up our work space or creates a warming patio glow.

This uniquely powerful statement is championed by company President Cathy Choi, who states, “Light is life. We believe that everyone deserves beautiful light. Bulbrite’s dream is to inspire everyone to ”turn life on” in a way that only the right, beautiful light can do.”

Bulbrite created the new brand identity with the goal of building awareness, trust and loyalty with customers and consumers, ultimately increasing the value of the Bulbrite brand to our stakeholders. “We see ‘turn life on’ as our purpose, our passion and our promise,” added Choi.

Supporting the brand position is a new image that is contemporary and fun. Aspirational environment photography and macro focused product photography, combined with a new typography and color system, create an own-able and refreshed identity for Bulbrite.  This visual identity, featuring “turn life on”, is manifested in newly created marketing communications components that include the launch of a new website, the Lightovation showroom experience, trade advertising, product literature, product packaging and other promotional materials.

“Bulbrite’s new positioning and visual identity provides a consistent brand platform while developing an emotional connection between Bulbrite and our stakeholders,” comments Bill Drysdale, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Activating the brand across all sales and marketing activities is a critical strategy for Bulbrite as we continue to grow our business and that of our customers both now and in future.”


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