Cable maker seeks distributors, shifts from selling direct

In a recent news release, comCables said, “Launching only 4 months ago, the comCables Distribution Team has already signed on six Stocking Distributors. So far comCables has expanded into Texas, Ohio, and the Mississippi River Valley, and are continuing to bring on additional Distributors.”

The company previously sold direct to contractors. “Our contractors have been instrumental in working with us to develop a high-performance, reliable and easy to install product line. These same contractors are now asking for more availability of the product through new distribution channels,” said Greg Greenwood, CEO and president of comCables.

Above: Image from comcables.com. The company sells structured cabling products, test equipment and more.

Contractors and the IP funnel

In an interview with tedmag.com, Greenwood said, “We’ve been in business more than 12 years. What we’ve learned recently is that the customers (contractors) want product closer to them than the two or three days it takes for us to ship to them. They want it on a shelf, near to them.”

Greenwood identified recent developments as a “shift” in the cabling business. “The IT space has become the king of the hill. Fire alarm, nurse call, A/V—you name it, it’s all flowing over data cabling now. Because of this, electrical contractors are now migrating into new areas of the business, as well.

“So what you have is this: Security, datacom, and building systems all going into what I call ‘the IP funnel,’” Greenwood said.

About distribution

How do distributors figure in here? “I’ve worked in the datacom distribution business world myself for 24 years,” Greenwood said. “We are recruiting distributors for a ‘somewhat exclusive’ agreement with us. I’m looking for strong regional players, not just one big national distributor.”

Greenwood said he would rather have smaller distributors carrying comCables’ products because he’s “always liked the underdog.”

“The distributors we’ve worked with thus far are excited, because we can offer them margins that are as much as double what they get from some of their other suppliers,” he claimed.

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