Carl Budrewicz Retires from Topaz

Carl Budrewicz Retires from Topaz

Topaz announces Carl Budrewicz’s retirement from the electrical industry.

Budrewicz began his career as an electrician 47 years ago. After a delay to serve in Vietnam, he returned home and began working as a manufacturer’s representative for Metalectrics and worked his way up to General Manager. Budrewicz joined Topaz in 1992 and has been a guiding force since.

Topaz issued this statement: “Through a long and successful career, Budrewicz has built an incredible knowledge that doesn’t just serve him and his customers; it has propelled everyone [here]. Everyone at Topaz congratulates Carl on a truly outstanding career and wish him all the best to enjoy his retirement.”

Since he was the go-to product specialist from day one of the Topaz Electric division, he has promised that he will continue to be that resource by saying, “I might be retiring but I still love and care about Topaz. They have been good to me and I’ll be good to them and be here for anything anyone needs, always.”


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