Catching Up with the 30 Under 35: Amanda Wolf

We’re catching up with our previous “30 Under 35” winners to see where they are now and how their perspective has changed since being named one of the rising stars of the electrical industry.

Today, we talk with Amanda Wolf, a 2014 honoree.

Amanda Wolf

What is your current position?

Market Specialist for Construction Market – Border States Electric

What has been the reaction from co-workers and people in the industry to your “30 Under 35” award?

The award is viewed very highly within our industry and people who know I have been honored with it have told me “Congratulations, well-deserved,” which is great to hear.

What advice would you give young professionals about electrical distribution?

Get involved and ask questions. There are many opportunities for growth and change right within this industry.

What recruiting advice would you give companies when it comes to hiring great, young talent?

Talk about the opportunities within the industry and the different jobs available allowing for personal and business growth. Also, being part of a company that offers benefits and retirement planning are a way of getting them interested. Sign-on bonus.

How important was your mentoring (and reverse mentoring) when it comes to furthering your career?

Extremely important as they believed in me and wanted me to succeed. They armed me with confidence and knowledge that I wouldn’t have been able to gain from any text book or YouTube video.

What advice would you give to company leaders (c-suite) about working with Millennials?

Since I am a millennial, I would recommend taking the time to listen to us. We see the world differently and might have new ways to look at things. Also, we tend to want to live for today and not just tomorrow. What are the incentives besides retirement for staying with your company? How to create a community feel, especially when a larger corporation? I would recommend making sure there is time and activities set aside for this interaction.

What do you see in the future of electrical distribution when it comes to technology and business practices?

We are going to have challenges ahead when it comes to the internet and the pricing war game. This is where we need to step to the next generation to see how/why we can stay in the game.


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