CES Expands in Greater Miami Area

HIALEAH, Fla. — City Electric Supply has expanded the company’s network with its 15th Miami-area branch, in East Hialeah, Florida.

Hialeah reflects the diversity of the northwest Miami-Dade area and is known for its strong and steadily growing business and industrial sectors. Located just minutes from the coast, the 15th Miami-area branch on the east side of Hialeah is positioned directly in the heart of the industrial, residential, and commercial markets.

District Manager Aramis Montenegro believes this new location will bring in a great mix of customers as there are not many distributors in the area.

“The branch is going to receive many walk-in residential customers due to the location, but I believe Branch Manager Sandor Plata will bring in many commercial contractors due to his previous experience,” Montenegro said. “Because we’re so close to busy industrial and commercial areas as well, there’s no reason Plata and his branch shouldn’t be successful.”

Plata has been with CES for about seven years and served as the Operations Manager for another branch before moving to the East Hialeah location.

While hunting down the perfect building to open the branch, Montenegro and Regional Manager Mike Bertone found a building that was already painted red and gray, similar to CES store colors.

“The building was incredible!” Montenegro said. “We knew instantly this was our new location. As soon as we could, we started renovating the building to make it even more perfect. We expanded it a little to give us some more room, broke down a few walls, and also added a counter area.”

Montenegro believes this branch is going to be successful because of the amazing team Plata has assembled, and because Plata is very attentive when it comes to customer requests. He is extremely hands-on and will take an order from A to Z just to make sure the customer is completely satisfied.

“He has stayed open after hours, during holidays, and many customers even have his personal number so he can help them out whenever needed,” Montenegro said. “He never misses a beat and takes care of everything very well.”

Although Montenegro has plenty of reasons why he enjoys working for CES, the biggest reason was the way the company treats himself and others, no matter what role or position you have.

“The way they handle their employees, the autonomy, the way you can run your business how you would like… I could go on and on as to why I love the company so much,” said Montenegro. “It is easy to do business and I enjoy how we are way more customer-facing than other wholesalers.”

Montenegro is looking forward to watching the branch get to work with so much opportunity available in East Hialeah.

“The branch, in my eyes, is going to be a high counter business, due to the amount of activity around it. With Plata as the branch manager and the highly experienced team around him, I am so excited to watch them grow and succeed.”

Written by Brooke Williams, City Electric Supply
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