CES Opens Three New Branches


City Electric Supply recently announced branch openings in Gardner and Needham, Massachusetts, and Apex, North Carolina.

APEX, N.C. — Located in the Research Triangle along major state and U.S. highways, Apex is a growing community that supports more local businesses every year. Rated as the #1 Fastest-Growing Suburb in the United States by Realtor.com, Apex is living up to the city motto “The Peak of Good Living” as it maintains its small-town charm in the face of heavy development.

“Apex was the perfect choice,” said Branch Manager Qwon Reid. “It sits in the center of where our largest contractors and potential contractors are situated.” With 29 years of electrical distribution experience and a five-year CES veteran, Qwon has served as a Key Accounts Manager and the Lead Projects Manager in the first-ever Raleigh Region Projects Department.

At 10,000 square feet, the Apex branch also includes a 2,500-square-foot training facility. The large branch size allows the store to build its inventory around local needs that include multiple markets within the industry, such as residential, commercial, industrial, wastewater, and HVAC. This latest location is also a special one; it was built utilizing a new layout fashioned by CES Marketing and the vision of Raleigh Central District’s management.

“Our store is appealing to the eye,” said Qwon. “The counter area is set up to give customers an opportunity to browse and feel comfortable shopping. We get to showcase our products and strike up conversations about what we sell and what CES has to offer.”

With more than 30 years of experience in the commercial, industrial, and residential electrical industries, Qwon’s team takes a customer-focused approach as they serve businesses around Apex. The on-site training facility will allow Qwon’s team and other CES groups, including inside and outside salespeople and management, to stay well-trained and ready to handle whatever comes their way.

“We have a great mix of talent that is customer-first driven. We believe in repeat business and building lasting customer relationships with common goals in mind,” Qwon said.

GARDNER, Mass. — The new Concord Electric Supply branch in Gardner opens as the closest supply house for 35 minutes in any direction, fulfilling a vital need for customers in the area seeking a convenient vendor. Located in an industrial center, CES Gardner can connect with several factories and commercial businesses nearby to grow their clientele.

10-year veteran of CES, Branch Manager Mike Arsenault is excited to open the branch in an industrial hub with quick access to a highway and other transportation services.

“We chose to open a branch in the area because of the industrial and commercial work,” Arsenault said. “We’re three minutes away from the highway, which makes us convenient for customers.”

“My team has a great personality and outstanding knowledge of the electrical field,” Arsenault said. “Two of our counter sales team members were previously licensed electricians, making our combined experience in the field over 45 years.”

As the key MCG distributor in the area, Arsenault is looking forward to connecting with the community and providing product lines that were otherwise not available before.

“We have a great team of support above us, and we’re ecstatic for the unlimited potential in Gardner.”

NEEDHAM, Mass. — Concord Electric Supply has opened a new branch with experienced staff in Needham, a suburb of Boston. The vibrant city is known for its strong sense of community, but it has been growing and attracting technology and Internet firms such as PTC and TripAdvisor.

Branch Manager Tim McInerney, Jr. has been in the industry since he was 13 years old, starting at CES a year ago. Although he believes the majority of his customer base will be residential, his determination to expand and tap more into the commercial and industrial side of Needham stands out. “I know we can supply their needs as much as we can residential contractors. It may take time, but I believe we will soon be supplying them with anything they need,” McInerney said.

The knowledgeable staff at Needham excites McInerney because he knows they’ll be able to help with any customer projects or jobs, no matter how complicated.

“When you combine over 40 years of experience among the entire team and have in-house stock that will accommodate a customer’s list 100 percent, we have no doubt that our branch will be unique and successful in Needham,” he said.

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