Chairman of the Board for Walters–USESI Announces Retirement

Bill Durkee

Bill Durkee, Chairman of the Board for Walters Wholesale Electric – USESI, has announced his retirement at the end of this year.

Durkee has been at Walters for 30 years, working his way up to Vice President of Operations, then President for 24 years. His replacement as President, Steve Valcourt, has been in place since January 2022.

Durkee would like to thank the employees, manufacturing partners, and customers who have made this the best time of his career. “I have worked in government, mining and manufacturing, but I have never experienced a career as satisfying as the electrical business. It has been a joy every single day. The people have made it a pure pleasure. And our company has a great future ahead.”

Bill and his wife Nancy will remain in Southern California. “It’s wacky, but I love it here.”

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