Channel News: 1.3.2012

EV Home Charging Station Credit Vanishes

According to, Congress has passed legislation that has done away with the $1,000 tax credit for installation of a home EV charging station.

Are Your Best Employees Job-Hunting?

An infographic from an expert blogger posted to displays “7 telltale signs your best employees are job-hunting.”

Lighting Notes

Induction lighting in Niles, Ill.: Ed Gallagher has been on the Niles Utility Board for 32 years, making him the “longest-serving resident not entitled to compensation” in the town’s history, according to the South Bend Tribune. Gallagher resigned recently because his nephew John Gallagher is vice president of sales at American Green Technology, which wants Niles to switch streetlights to induction lighting.

Light bulb rules explained: In a Q&A from USA Today, Ed Crawford, CEO of Philips Lighting North America, said, “Crawford sees CFLs as a ‘transitional product’ and LEDs as the ‘predominant light source’ of the future. He says LEDs are dimmable, mercury-free, the most efficient and the longest-lasting (up to 25 years). His company, which already sees exponential growth in LED sales, predicts they’ll account for half of the lighting market by 2020.”

Association Reports

“Best of Green Schools 2011” is a first-ever list from the Center for Green Schools (housed at the U.S. Green Building Council) honors administrators and government officials in 10 categories for efforts to create sustainable learning environments.

Energy efficiency in 2011: An ACEEE news release provides a look at what was and was not accomplished on the energy efficiency front in 2011.


  • NEMA AB 5, Establishing Levels of Selective Coordination for Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers, is now available.
  • NEMA LSD 56-2011, Compatibility of Forward Phase Control Dimmers and Dimmable Self-Ballasted Compacted Fluorescent Lamps and Frequently Asked Questions Regarding CFLs and Dimming, is now available at no cost.

ZigBee Alliance adds: Legrand is the newest member of the ZigBee Alliance’s board of directors. The company wasadded as a “Promoter-level” member.

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