City Electric Supply Donates $50K to the American Red Cross

Dallas, Texas — COVID-19 has impacted organizations around the world, including the American Red Cross. City Electric Supply is proud to share that it has made a $50K donation to the organization through its social impact division, CES Cares.

“We are grateful for the ongoing support of City Electric Supply in support of the Red Cross mission,” said Keith Rhodes, CEO of American Red Cross North Texas Region. “Responding to disasters takes a team effort, and the generosity of our corporate partners helps ensure the Red Cross is there to help people in their time of need.”

The American Red Cross is currently responding to 40 major disasters across the country that have impacted thousands of Americans, from Hurricane Laura to the Western wildfires. The American Red Cross has been working hard to assist those in need through the relief process, but many have not yet reached the recovery phase. Some communities are still without power, and there are individuals still in need of a home.

“The need is great right now! The Red Cross is busy across the country running several large disaster relief operations,” said American Red Cross North Texas Regional Disaster Officer Katrina Farmer. “With over 90% of our workforce being volunteer-based, we simply need more compassionate people to help us to help communities that are suffering from hurricanes, wildfires and other disasters.”

Disaster relief response during a pandemic comes with its own set of challenges as the American Red Cross wants to make sure clients and staff are safe throughout the process. Since the very beginning of the pandemic, the American Red Cross has found the investment in technology to be critical in continuing to serve communities and run responses on a national scale. The organization has also been using PPE equipment, practicing social distancing and utilizing technology to make sure that teams are still communicating with one another.

“This hurricane season has been super busy, and based on the weather models, it isn’t going to improve anytime soon. Financial gifts are also appreciated as we have incurred additional expenses for responding to a disaster in the midst of a pandemic,” said Farmer. “Investing in building out a more robust and volunteer-friendly technology initiative and procuring PPE are additional expenses implemented to keep staff and disaster victims safe.”

City Electric Supply, through CES Cares, has been a proud partner of the American Red Cross since 2016, and has donated more than $300K over the years. Giving back to an organization that shelters, supports and feeds victims of disaster is one of the very reasons why CES Cares was founded.

“CES Cares is excited to contribute to all the great work that the American Red Cross is doing,” said CES Social Impact Manager Karen Gray. “The current pandemic has made giving back to a number of urgent needs even more important. It has been a difficult time for communities around the world. We are proud to partner with such an integral organization and be a part of the vital work they are doing.”

Many have evacuated to Texas after the recent Hurricane Laura disaster. The American Red Cross has helped serve more than 48,000 meals and snacks; distribute over 25,000 clean-up, comfort and relief items; and shelter thousands of people.

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