City Electric Supply Hosts Largest Conference in Company History

City Electric Supply Hosts Largest Conference in Company History

DALLAS, Texas — City Electric Supply hosted the third bi-annual North American Managers’ Conference (NAMC) in Grapevine at the Gaylord Texan where more than 1,200 employees converged for three days of learning, celebration, and networking.

Historically, this event was accessible only to branch managers and senior leadership. In a record decision, they determined it was too valuable an experience to share with less than a quarter of the employees, and extended the invitation this year to operations managers and outside sales representatives in every branch instead of branch managers (who will instead attend NAMC 2020 in Orlando).

“My biggest takeaway was that CES is definitely going somewhere. To be able to really see the growth in the last couple years and meet and hear from people in the other branches was exciting. It really put the icing on the cake that the opportunities here are endless!” CES Nashville Downtown Operations Manager Caleb Huestis said. Huestis joined CES less than two years ago.

Highlights of the weekend included a private concert from Blues Traveler, tradeshow hosting 54 vendors, casino night, lots of food and laughs, and valuable networking time with peers and senior leadership.

NAMC18 Montage Reel from Thomas McShane on Vimeo.

NAMC18 was branded “The Journey” and, while the visuals were very outdoorsy and hiker-esque, the message was clear: career journeys at CES are personal and abundant. CES celebrated two retirements in senior leadership from 40+ year tenures at the company, and shared stories of how the organic growth model within CES provided endless career opportunities for individuals that they felt couldn’t be matched elsewhere.

“This company was built on the fact that you’ll get out of [it] what you put into it. Bringing everyone together for this event is a massive financial investment into the retention of our employees, but we believe the camaraderie and the opportunity that builds as a result of this cannot be accomplished without having everyone together. We can’t wait to do it all again in 2020!” Co-COO Andrew Dawes exclaimed.

Visit namc18.com to see more photos of the event.

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