City Electric Supply Hosts Largest Event in Company History

DALLAS — City Electric Supply (CES) recently concluded its largest event in company history. CES Connect 2022 brought together more than 2,000 industry professionals and 50+ manufacturers across North America for the largest Counter Day City Electric Supply has ever hosted. CES Connect 2022 was the company’s fourth conference, and for the first time, customers and trade school students were invited to the event in Orlando, Florida.

“The company opened its first branch in Florida in 1983, and to be able to bring together more than 2,000 employees, manufacturing partners, and customers for a celebration of our company’s growth was an incredible feeling,” said CES President and CEO Thomas Hartland-Mackie.

The state of Florida holds sentimental meaning to CES, as it’s where the U.S. journey began for the company. Almost 40 years later, after opening more than 600 branches across North America, City Electric Supply returned to its U.S. roots to hold CES Connect in Orlando. With 103 locations in Florida, the company was thrilled to bring the conference just an hour and a half away from the first-ever U.S. location.

“CES Connect 2022 was a fantastic event. It solidified the many reasons why I am fortunate to work for such a great company,” said Indianapolis District Manager Doug Hornback. “This was the first event that employees in my district have been able to go to. Hearing the excitement in their voices talking about CES Connect has been really special and a great moment for me.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment for electricians is projected to grow 8% from 2019 to 2029. Events for the ever-growing trade industry, such as CES Connect, are crucial now more than ever.

“For CES Connect in 2020, we planned to invite customers to the event for the very first time,” said CES Chief Marketing Officer Thomas McShane. “Since the event in 2020 did not happen, this was the first time they could attend and experience our Counter Day at CES Connect. We were so excited to celebrate the hard work of our employees and industry-leading manufacturers. Seeing customers get to experience it firsthand was an incredible feeling.”

“This event has truly been a great experience,” said Chris Brijbasu, CEO and President of AIS Connected. “The CES employees are great people to work with. We love doing business with CES and will continue to do so.”

Hosting 50+ manufacturers in a built onsite showroom, the new immersive Counter Day experience included several unique elements for the first time ever. Three immersive application centers showcased new innovative products in true-to-life vignettes; customers were able to experience cutting-edge features within realistic residential, jobsite, and commercial settings. Additionally, visitors met and networked with CES employees, visited manufacturers’ trade booths, and more.

“The energy that came out of CES Connect was awesome!” said Milwaukee National Account Manager Sandy Johns. “We have more engagement and momentum than ever before, as we plan together for the back half of 2022.”

“There is nothing like being able to showcase new products to management, sales representatives, and customers,” said Senior Sales Representative at Lutron, Grace Wirtz. “CES Connect was an incredible weekend with incredible people.”

The technology at the event included three 150-foot-tall screens, projection mapping in the facility, and a digital slatwall. A mock branch was also set up on the floor to incorporate new products on display for customers.

“What I was most excited about was seeing 2,000 people back together celebrating each other and what our business has been able to accomplish over the last four years,” said McShane. “Through all the adversity and challenges that have occurred, we wanted to show our gratitude to our employees who have put CES in the position that it’s in. We hope people left feeling inspired and, most importantly, appreciated.”

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