City Electric Supply Opens in Waller, Texas

City Electric Supply Opens in Waller, Texas

WALLER, Texas — Electrical wholesale distributor City Electric Supply (CES) has opened a location in Waller, Texas, to help meet the jobsite demands north of Houston. This location will help customers who drive to other cities for material, saving hours every day in commutes and hundreds of dollars in gas money.

“All of my customers are looking forward to going to CES Waller, and I know some people already shopping there,” said Tina Hamilton, Co-Owner of B Hamilton Electric. “This location is extremely convenient. Businesses aren’t having to take time out of their day to send a driver somewhere to get material. We primarily do business in Waller, so it’s great to finally have this location open.”

“I can drive one mile down the road now to CES Waller and get material. In the past, I was driving 20 miles in one direction to get what I needed,” said Steve Davis, owner of Rocky Hill Services LLC. “Waller is growing big time right now, and this location will help that tremendously.”

“We’re in a new market, and we intend to serve existing customers who live in the area and have been commuting to supply houses,” said Branch Manager Tyler Lukes. “CES has had customers asking for a branch in Waller for a while now. A lot of this surrounding area will give us the opportunity to strike new business while maintaining relationships with existing CES customers.”

Located off the 290 Corridor, this location is going to help customers in more ways than one. Customers will now save hundreds of dollars a week on gas, and the commute to a supply house for material is shorter. CES Waller can be a medium stopping point for customers working in the city of Houston and other surrounding areas, no matter the direction they are going.

“This is one of the last corridors coming into Houston that is in the process of being completed. Waller is the true outskirts of Houston, and I think now, with recent developments, is the perfect time to open up here,” said District Manager Darron Rocka. “There’s a lot of contractors that live in this area who have gotten used to longer drives for material. CES is excited to be opening up here.”

“When CES told me they were opening this branch, I said, ‘Hurry up!’ This location opening is saving me several hours of driving time every day,” said Isaac White, President and Owner of Wes Electric Inc. “Our business is located in Waller, but we are always doing work in surrounding areas. Having a supply house five minutes from our office is the greatest thing ever, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the CES Waller team.”

CES Waller took two and a half months to get up and running. The team took their time to do an extensive search and find the best location possible for the branch. Tyler and Darron met with customers in the area, asking them for input and what their needs were.

“We wanted to find a location where it could benefit our customers. We spent a lot of time exploring the area and wanted to look at all our options for opening a branch,” said Tyler. “The road to the branch opening went super smooth, and we received a lot of support from other CES locations.

The new CES team is looking forward to meeting the customer base in Waller.

“We want to make sure everyone understands how much we appreciate the business they give us, or even making a trip out to see what we have to offer!” said Tyler.

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