City Electric Supply Opens New Location

City Electric Supply Opens New Location

HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. — Located in the southwest area of Kentucky, and just 10 miles from Fort Campbell Army Base, the second largest army base in the nation, comes electrical wholesale distributor City Electric Supply (CES) to Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Born and raised in a town neighboring Hopkinsville, Branch Manager Russell Brothers started working in the electrical industry at only 18 years old.

“Altogether, I’ve been in the industry for 15 years. I started at the age of 18 while being a full-time college student,” said Russell. “I began as an industrial electrician apprentice and worked my way through various industrial and commercial projects over the years.”

Russell has experience in a variety of divisions, including line work, substation, and mining, but he’s not the only one at the Hopkinsville branch with expertise to offer. Inside Salesman Matt Reid already has a background in electrical supply sales, and Outside Salesman Brandon Kogut has a decade and a half of industry experience.

“Brandon and I actually worked together as foremen on different projects,” Russell smiled. “Our operations manager has 10 years of experience with electrical sales. These guys have diverse strengths, and I’m excited to see where that takes our branch.”

This Hopkinsville location is only 20 minutes away from its neighboring CES branch across the Tennessee border. But this location serves as the second CES branch in the state of Kentucky for the company.

“This Hopkinsville location is our first branch in western Kentucky, and we are excited to increase our presence in this market,” said District Manager Linda Mai. “I know our team will provide great customer service and make a positive impact here in Hopkinsville.”

Taking over a 10,000-square-foot space that used to be home to a grocery store, CES Hopkinsville wants to serve a community that has a strong presence in the agricultural market and its expanding industrial and commercial areas. The branch’s location is in-between three different plants, making the utility market strong for this location.

“Being the first CES branch on the western side of Kentucky, our branch is prepared to serve a variety of customer needs in this area,” said Russell. “We are only an hour away from Nashville and close to several big cities in Kentucky. My team is eager to help customers and facilitate their job sites in any way we can.”

This CES Hopkinsville team is excited to be open in the area and wants the community members to know that.

“At our location, we strive daily to work together and provide the best customer service possible,” said Russell. “The team here is incredible, and we’re excited for the opportunity to be open here in Hopkinsville.”

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