City Electric Supply Opens New Texas Branch

BOERNE, Texas — Boerne is unique for its charm, country feel, and historic Texas roots. Located right outside San Antonio, this small town is only a 30-mile drive up I-10 from the second-largest city in Texas. As San Antonio undergoes rapid development, Boerne proved to be the perfect location to open a new branch and get access to this growing area in Texas.

District Manager John Zertuche is excited for the new location because it is the first branch to be added to the San Antonio group in quite a while.

“This is only the beginning of an expansion. The branch is located in very nice hill country and has already taken off,” said Zertuche.

With a large city nearby, the branch expects to receive business from residential and commercial markets, including many customers from the high-end suburbs surrounding San Antonio who need wireless lighting and controls.

However, finding the perfect location proved to be quite the challenge. After scouting for a building, the branch decided the best option was to build a brand-new location from the ground up. When they found the perfect property, they worked with the owner who was already looking to put up a new building.

“Building the branch from scratch helped us make important decisions about how we wanted everything to look,” Zertuche said. “We all learned a lot about how much work goes into starting a branch, and I can definitely say we appreciate it that much more. Once the building was finally completed, we were able to go in and build out offices and showrooms to make sure it met the standards for our customers.”

Although the branch is brand new, the team certainly isn’t. Branch Manager Shannon Fair has been with CES for six months, but he previously worked for an electrical company where he gained years of experience and industry knowledge that set him up perfectly for this new location. With over 40 years of experience combined, Zertuche believes the branch will stand out and provide CES with a solid foundation to build upon in South Texas.

“The team will help anyone that comes in. They’ll have no problem serving customers in the area with quality products and expert knowledge,” said Zertuche. “Knowing them, they will not give up until they’ve solved the customer’s problem and get them the product they need. We have to make sure the best of the best is at the branch. This will be everyone’s first impression of City Electric Supply in the area.”

Regional Manager Nathan Jefferson echoed these same feelings.

“What’s most exciting about this location is it’s the first one I have been a part of in this territory,” he said. “The Boerne area has a great marketplace and it’s an area where we needed to be. I am really proud of the team that we put together here, and they will help drive our success. Looking forward to seeing what we do here.”

With so much room to grow in this new area, City Electric Supply can’t wait to see what the new branch in the San Antonio group brings. If this veteran team has anything to say about it, Boerne will be the beginning of a growing network in uncharted territory.

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