City Electric Supply Opens Store in Texas

City Electric Supply Opens Store in Texas

HOUSTON, Texas — According to World Population Review, the growth rate in the state of Texas ranks third in the country. Three cities have over 1 million people as residents, including Houston. City Electric Supply (CES) is excited to support the residential and commercial growth in the state by opening the 17th store in Houston and the 41st in the state of Texas. CES Houston Downtown Branch Manager Michael Martini says the new store is in a perfect location.

“We’re as close to downtown as you can possibly get,” said Martini. “You step out our front door, and you’re looking at skyscrapers. We can feel the cars speeding by on I-45, so this location makes us very accessible for downtown customers.”

While this CES branch might be a new addition to the downtown area, Martini, a Houston native, brings several advantages with him. Having opened other CES branches prior to this downtown location, he’s ready to see the opportunities this location brings to the company.

“When I was brought on at CES, we moved from one location to another. We physically moved everything, set up that store, and then we did it again to open here in Houston,” he said.

“The goal we have is that you don’t have to go very far outside of the city in order to have easy access to a City Electric Supply,” said District Manager Daren Thode. “This location is a step in that direction.”

With the vast amount of apartment complexes sprouting up, along with other construction projects, this CES branch understands that its customers will have various needs, and the team is committed to everyone that comes through.

“I’d like to build a strong relationship with each customer who comes through our doors to be able to provide them with the tools they need to complete their projects, big or small,” explained Martini.  “I want to make customers feel at home. They need to know they can come here for anything.”

Martini also has goals for the rest of the team in the downtown branch.

“I wanted to hire for the future of the branch. My highest priority is to encourage these guys to grow,” said Martini.

What should you expect when entering the CES Houston Downtown branch? A group of individuals who are eager to serve their community and go above and beyond for the people around them.

“There’s value in developing your talent pool, and that’s what I was looking to find,” said Martini. “I want to mentor the guys to help them succeed with their future endeavors.”

The branch already has big goals.

“For the long-term, I hope to reach a level where we’re producing strong sales numbers and establishing strong relationships with the customers around us,” said Martini.

This Houston team is excited to become a part of this Houston community in the downtown area.

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