City Electric Supply Promotes Outside Sales Rep

City Electric Supply Promotes Outside Sales Rep

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — Zach Ray started with the City Electric Supply (CES) Jacksonville branch when he was just 19 years old. He landed his first gig with the company as a driver in 2013. Now at age 27, Ray celebrates his latest promotion, an opportunity to continue growing with the company as the new outside sales rep. It’s an advancement his family couldn’t be happier about, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

“It is a huge opportunity for my kids and me. I’ve been the only one working since we became a family, so to have the opportunity to expand and take care of them is a great feeling. It gives me certainty that I can make it work,” Ray said. “When I come home, my kids ask me what I did at work today. It really motivates me and gives me that extra push the next day.”

CES Jacksonville is one of 76 City Electric Supply branches in North Carolina. Branch Manager Joe Gurganus gave Ray his first opportunity at the store eight years ago and promoted him to the counter after just a year.

“He picked up part numbers, showed great organizational skills, and most of all, customers liked him,” said Gurganus. “He’s very dependable, and he’s worked his way up to where he is now. This is an exciting time for Zach and the entire team at CES Jacksonville in North Carolina. We have confidence that he’ll help us grow and become even more successful!”

“We can’t wait to see what he can do,” Gurganus added. “I want him to go out and make his mark and become the outside sales rep for our customers. I just want to see him succeed, both for his family and us as a branch.”

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