City Electric Supply Relocates Texas Branch

City Electric Supply Relocates Texas Branch

DENTON, Texas — After getting the go-ahead to relocate, City Electric Supply Denton in Denton, Texas has moved into its new and improved location.

CES Denton was not the picture of a healthy branch location. It was run-down and in an inconvenient location that made it difficult for customers to get in and out of the branch. “The roof leaked, there was a drainage creek that flooded the branch during heavy rain — it was dilapidated,” said Dallas-Fort Worth District Manager Mitchell Caulder.

Caulder began looking for a new branch location in early May and quickly ran into the perfect space. “The Denton branch does a lot of delivery business, but we wanted a location that would increase the amount of walk-in business we get,” said Caulder. The new location is conveniently located off of I-35, and has the perfect layout. The new branch is also much bigger, going from 5,000 square feet to just over 6,500 with a large pipe yard.

This provides an excellent opportunity for the Denton branch to expand its inventory and be able to house more of the products customers need. “DFW is a microwave market, meaning everyone wants what they want immediately,” said Caulder. “This new space will allow us to keep more products in stock to better serve our customers.”

Sales aside, another important aspect of the move was providing the Denton team with a branch they can be proud of. “When you have quality people, you owe it to them to put them in a position where they can succeed. I believe we have done that with this relocation,” said Caulder.

Caulder joined the DFW team from Dixie Lee Junction, Tenn., approximately one year ago and has made it a priority to improve all DFW branch locations. Denton was the second branch to receive an upgrade in the form of a relocation behind Plano. He also spearheaded a remodel at the Duncanville branch, as well as the opening of CES Kennedale, which opened for business earlier this year.

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