CMA Launches Electrical Marketing Program

PRINCETON JUNCTION, NJ ­ As one of the nation’s premier marketing allies to the electrical and energy industries, Creative Marketing Alliance (CMA), a full service marketing firm located in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, announced the launch of Sparket, a dedicated program powered by industry-experts to provide tailored marketing strategy and services to all electrical industry professionals.

Designed to ignite the marketing efforts of companies within the electrical industry, Sparket is a customized program with tailored marketing solutions leveraging CMA’s dynamic track record in the industry. Honing in on its expertise working with manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, contractors and ESCO’s, Sparket delivers customized solutions for companies in this niche marketplace.

“As the electrical industry continues to advance at an alarming rate, especially through the increased usage of LED technology, Sparket aims to fill the marketplace void for electrical-marketing solutions,” said Barnhart. “Serving the electrical industry as a premier marketing partner for the past 26 years, we are proud to launch this program tailored to the industry.”

Sparket was incepted through the roots of CMA’s President and CEO, Jeffrey Barnhart, who spent eight years prior to CMA, as a marketing executive at Philips Lighting, where he spearheaded the successful marketing and sales integration of three Philips Lighting Company mergers and played a key role in launching one of the first energy-efficient, environmentally-beneficial lighting products in the US market. Jeff was also instrumental in developing the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Green Lights” program that advocated using new lighting technologies to reduce electricity demand and served as the basis for the current Energy Star initiative.

Sparket leverages its knowledge of electrical products, services and energy-efficient technologies to create marketing solutions geared towards driving sales, growth and ROI. Sparket’s full-service marketing capabilities include brand and marketing strategies, sales promotions programs, sales and corporate literature, advertising, direct marketing, websites, digital marketing and public relations, to name a few.

For more information, please visit Sparket’s Twitter, LinkedIn, dedicated blog or website at

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