Coalition To Address NLRB Ambush Election Rule

The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace is offering a free webinar on the new “Ambush Rule,” which was just recently enacted.

On April 14, the National Labor Relations Board’s new “quickie” election rules went into effect.  The election rules will decrease the time a workplace must wait before taking a vote to form a union.  While there are still two pending legal battles to the new election rules, the CDW’s legal team is offering a free webinar so you can better understand the situation.

Three members of the legal team arguing to eliminate the “Ambush Rule” will host the one hour seminar, which will be held at 1pm Eastern time on Thursday, April 23. 
You can register for the webinar here.

For more information on the NLRB “Ambush Rule”, here is a link to the story posted on it on April 14.

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