Concord Electric Expands in Massachusetts

WAREHAM, Mass. — With over 54 miles of coastline and located just an hour from Boston, Wareham is a vibrant, growing community with a strong summer tourism industry in one of the nation’s oldest towns.

Branch Manager Daniel Ribeiro says he is excited for the opportunity to expand Concord Electric Supply in Massachusetts, and he can’t wait to start making an impact in the community.

“I started as a driver at the Marshfield branch, and from there they took a chance on me. Now I need to prove what I can bring to the table,” he said.

Ribeiro has been in the area working with CES since 2010, but soon after being hired on as a driver, he was promoted to a sales position for the Brockton branch before moving up to branch manager of CES Wareham.

“It was a process to get the branch ready to open, but it happened pretty quickly. First, we needed to place purchase orders to make sure we had the necessary stock on its way, and then we had to set up pallet racking and shelves to make sure we had a place to stock our orders,” Ribeiro said. “We really wanted to make sure the showroom was perfect for showing customers the amazing product lines we carry.”

The branch is only 10 minutes from the nearest beach, and it’s located in the middle of an expanding commercial and industrial hub, as well as an expanding residential community.

“With this strategic location, I honestly believe we will get customers from all markets,” Ribeiro said.

When putting his team together, Ribeiro specifically looked for experience and people familiar with the Wareham area. Ribeiro himself worked as an apprentice electrician before coming to CES, and Operations Manager Sterling Gonsalves and Sales Rep Mike Kemmett have a combined 15 years of experience with CES.

“I would not want anyone else alongside me as we launch this amazing branch,” Ribeiro said.

Since joining the CES team in 2010, Ribeiro said he’s been treated well with plenty of chances to prove he can handle more responsibilities. He enjoys that he’ll be able to run his branch the way he likes and make decisions that’ll help his branch grow in the community.

When asked what he is most excited about, Ribeiro said he is ready to build relationships with people in the area. “I can’t wait to see which customers I will have the best relationship with moving forward, who I will end up meeting, and what I will end up getting to do for our customers.”

Ribeiro and his team are willing to do anything to build relationships in the community, make sure the customer is happy, and grow the Wareham branch.

“We will deliver whatever they want and need. Making sure the customers choose the right supply house and continue to grow with us is our biggest goal,” Ribeiro mused.

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