Connexion to Offer Fall Protection Training

Connexion to Offer Fall Protection Training

CHICAGO — Connexion is now accepting registrations for an interactive course on Fall Protection Competent Person Training, to be held March 9–10 at its Buffalo Grove, Illinois location.

The two-day certification course will be taught by Dan Ward, National Safety Training Manager. He has trained over 10,000 end users, is a consultant for Hollywood and Broadway productions, and is a master of safety and fall protection.

“When things go wrong on a construction site, it can turn ugly very quickly,” explained Ward. “Having a trained competent person on site who is able to ensure that critical safety standards are being met can quite literally be the difference between life and death—and this Certification delivers the training needed to do so.”

Through interactive demonstrations and hands on training, those taking the course can expect an active approach to safety in the workplace, showing how to apply the principles of fall protection to workers in everyday situations.

To find out more about the training and register, visit http://www.connexiones.com/cpt/.


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