Connexion’s Dan Dobski Announces Retirement

Connexion’s Dan Dobski Announces Retirement

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. – Dan Dobski, Director of Marketing at Connexion, has announced his retirement effective January 1, 2021.

Dobski began his career in the electrical industry in 1973. Throughout his well‐rounded career, he held nearly every position in the electrical distribution industry. He then found his calling in marketing, giving him the opportunity to express his passion for creativity and innovation. Dobski feels fortunate to be ending his career as Director of Marketing, a role that he has cherished for the last 20 years.

Dobski started at Connexion in 2009 shortly after the company was founded. He was instrumental in marketing and growing the company’s brand leveraging his extensive knowledge of the electrical industry with his creative approach to market. He had the unique opportunity to witness the progression of technology in the electrical industry, from hand‐written sales orders and Cardex inventory systems to the digital way business is done today. His experience with both analog and digital environments enabled a keen understanding of how to communicate with today’s multigenerational customer base.

Dobski’s work has won various awards from tED Magazine’s annual “Best of the Best” marketing competition over the years including Connexion’s latest award, Best Electrical Distributor Ecommerce Website in 2019, which he had a key role in developing. Dobski created the outreach program, Science Connexion, providing a unique service for Chicago area K‐12 schools whereby schools can donate their used, but functional lab equipment and redirect these assets to underfunded schools. The program was awarded Affiliated Distributor’s “Giving Back Award” in 2018.

“From the very beginning days of my career, I have had the privilege of being mentored by several veterans of our industry. These people have had a significant impact in shaping both my career path and character,” Dobski said. “As I leave this industry and think back on the young people that I have helped mentor, I hope that I gave as successfully as I received.”

David Rosenstein, President and CEO of Connexion commented, “Dan and I have been working together for nearly 30 years. His long history of success as a marketer was linked to the combination of his industry knowledge and creativity. He was an early adopter and driver of our e‐commerce initiative. We wish him well in his new chapter of retirement.”

Dobski is looking forward to spending more time with his children and grandchildren in his retirement.

Under the mentorship of Dobski and Rosenstein, Liz Paradise, a 9‐year employee of Connexion and Dobski’s daughter, has been transitioning to Dobski’s former role.

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